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Toulouse show, 15 & 16 Nov. 2014

This time I took a plane. I was allowed to carry only one cat with me, so I decided to bring Sunshine, hoping to get a new title for her 😉

The idea  was  good! 😉

S*Safari Kittens Sunshine was BIV one day, Nominated both days, and both days with votes at the panel. But the most important, we can call her now GIC S*Safari Kittens Sunshine since she is now Grand International Champion!

I’m very proud because she is getting new titles almost with Lightspeed. She got her first title just last September, and not sure If I make a new record o not,  but by sure it’s a good average to jump from Champion, through Int. Champion, to became Grand Int. Champion, in only 2 months 😉


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