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Welcome Sunshine!

S*Safari Kittens Sunshine arrive home to be part of our family

She is the girl I was looking two years ago. I’m a fan of the Aristo Limaz lines, and I wanted a second girl from that cattery. When I realize that Ingrid stop breeding I felt very very sad, and I needed some month to get use to the idea that there will be no more Aristo Limaz’s newborns ☹.

But life sometimes give you unexpected surprises!! 3 months ago I was in a chat with Ingrid –the woman behind Aristo Limaz cattery- and she mentioned that in Safari Kittens Cattery, the beauty S*Aristo Limaz Kaya K. gave birth a promised tortie girl… the father is a big S*Kiss Curl Örjan.

My dream could become real.

Thanks to Ingrid that has talked to the breeder about me and my intersting, and of course, thanks Stefan that entrust me the girl, Today I can share my happiness with all you and present our new baby: S*Safari Kittens Sunshine.


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