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Our family is growing

We are VERY happy to announce a new member in our feline family: She is S*Safari Kittens Costa Magica

Costa took our hearts since the very first day we saw her: the day of her birth. She is just great (In our opinion) with a 10-points expression and super eyes shape and set, and also has a marvelous temper.. what else could I ask?

There is not words to describe how much grateful we are because Stefan lets us to have another one of his kittens. We know how hard is for them let their little ones go and we have to make a big effort to correspond their trust and all the rest.

We are not only happy because we have 2 beautiful Safari Kittens babies: Sunshine and now Costa, we are also exultant because those girls came from great persons!

One thousand Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.


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