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Our white boy GIC Linn S. Artemisa*ES JW is now in rainbow

It was a month ago today that Linn left us, I needed more than I expected until get to the last stage of my grief and be able to talk about it.
Autopsy stated he died because a nonregenerative liver failure that was affecting one by one his other organs.
We would like to blame someone or something, or even our selves… but after read again and again all his Vets journal and after remember again and again our actions and reactions, we realized everything was done on time and on the right way. It is clear there is an “external factor”, (I don’t know if I have to call it God, Luck or Universe) who also plays a big roll in the game of Life&Death. And this time we are the loser.

One Response to “Our white boy GIC Linn S. Artemisa*ES JW is now in rainbow”

  • Oh Linnet… I just discovered this awful, terrible news… on FB you said of Sander “my only boy at home” but I remembered that you have your white angel, living with Sander… then I came here… I’m so sorry to read this 🙁 Liver failures do happen and it’s terrible, we can’t do much against it 🙁 I wish you a lot of strength to go through this difficult time, you have all my support, big hugs dear <3

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