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A letter and picture of Inca from Denmark

Inca de Noldor*ES (Mallorca 2011) telling us how is her life at her home.

Hi “Mum” … I have discovered something new here. They have a garden – wauuuuu.
I’m both excited and a bit careful, because there are a lot of new things out there … and some strange/new noises too.
But I like it, I really-really like it :-)) Being in the garden is just GREAT !
There are grass and a scratching tree and a LOT more which I will investigate later on.
I am like a yo-yo … I’m out – and I run inside again, I’m out – and I run inside again.
Hanne and Carsten smiles at me, and say that I am a gooooood girl (as if I did not know that … hmpfff – but it’s nice to know anyway) ha ha ha ha
Bye for now, I have a lot to do on such a sunny day, where the door is opened to the garden.
Lots of happy kisses from me



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