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if everything went well we will have kittens!

Parents are GSDIV, PK-def, HCM and CIN/PKD normal

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pedigree Sander + Costa

pedigree Sander + Taerin 


Madrid show, december 2015

One of our girls became Supreme Champion on this show. Her breeder Stefan Dahl (S*Safari Kittens cattery) prepared this beautiful trophy special for her day (with her picture on the top and her name and title on the basis) and we made a photoshoot to immortalize the day she starts to use her new name: SC S*Safari Kittens Sunshine DVM

We are all very proud and happy with our beautiful Sunshi <3 It has been a very emotional show 🙂

bosque de noruega supreme champion campeon supremo

Braga show, november 2015

Last weekend we visited Braga show with our two lovely Safari’s sisters.

Costa got her 3rd CAC and she can call herselves   CH S*Safari Kittens Costa Mágica,  (picture of the moment) while Sunshine got her 7º and 8º CACS in a third country, meaning only one more to end her show career 🙂


Talavera de la Reina, Toledo (Spain) 28 & 29 March 2015

Back from Talavera de la Reina, last show of the season. We have enjoyed a lot and also our 2 girl.

GIC Safari Kittens Sunshine DVM ends a “circle” by winning a new title; Distinguished Variety Merit (DVM) and she also got two new CACS certificates.

Taerin de Noldor*ES, on the other hand, starts a “circle” by competing as adult for the first time. She is very young and looks very childish, so I was very satisficed when she got  both days a CAC-certificates, beeing not alone on the class, and also two Nominations, again beeing not alone on the table.

GIC S*Safari Kittens Sunshine DVM

GIC S*Safari Kittens Sunshine DVM

Taerin de Noldor*ES

Taerin de Noldor*ES